Thursday, July 28


"Minivandad72" thinks so and makes a convincing case in this post that ought to be read by concerned parents and grandparents, and particularly given this statistic (courtesy of CNN) on widespread teen use of the Internet.

As this concerned blogger writes:

While doing a little research about the Yahoo chatroom shutdown I ran a google search and found a forum full of individuals discussing the recent shutdown of the user-created chatrooms. While reading through the different posts I came across a link (which I will spell out, you’ll have to copy/paste it since I don’t want any tracking).

You’ll notice that this is a little “underground” movement that basically told all of the perverts where to go and hang out. Yes…if someone posted it on a forum then it’s not that “underground,” but it’s still there and it appears pretty dangerous.

Minivandad concludes:

This webpage is a geocities page…in other words…a Yahoo page. This person is blatently providing instruction to those seeking children for sexual purposes, and should be held accountable if anything should happen as a result of his directions.

Yahoo closing the chat rooms earlier this summer was only for monetary reasons…in other words, they didn’t want to lose their advertisement revenue. If you believe, for one second, that Yahoo has any sense of social obligation, then you are sadly mistaken.

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