Saturday, July 9


My good friend and fellow blogger, "The Happy Capitalist," goes to bat for me in this post regarding a generic leftist attack by "Daily Kos" on a piece I wrote on the heels of the terrorist attack on London. I responded, but I think "THC" does a better job of it in his observations.

To be sure, the half-ass link (not even the courtesy of mentioning my site's name) I received from "Daily Kos" was a dud -- kind of the blogosphere's equivalent of a bad case of E.D. "Daily Kos" gave me fewer hits than the Houston Astros give Roger Clemens!

Meanwhile, the beat goes on. Scotland Yard is conducting an investigation and is looking for the "culprits" who did the bombings, while the Free World has yet to respond to the worldwide network of Islamic extremists and the nations that harbor and abet them. We're in a war. This should not be dealt with as simply a criminal investigation.