Saturday, July 30


I split from you, Senator Frist ... permanently!

You join Senator John McCain as the second of two Republicans with 2008 presidential ambitions who I will do everything in my power to help defeat in the primaries.

SOURCE: This Fox News story.

POSTCRIPT: The following is from the "Eagle Forum" (316 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Suite 203, Washington D.C., 20003) ...


Tell Senator Frist you can't be pro-life and support killing embryos!
This morning, Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) revealed what many have speculated for several years — he supports using your taxpayer dollars to kill human embryos. He supports expanding President Bush's policy which prohibits federal funding of embryonic stem cell research on embryos killed after August 9, 2001. Senator Frist supports allowing scientists to experiment on human embryos "leftover" at fertility clinics. For him, as long as parents sign a form, your tax dollars should be used to kill that embryo for scientific research.

After demurring for months, Senator Frist is now supporting the Castle/Specter bill which undermines President Bush's policy on embryonic stem cell research.

"I am pro-life. I believe life begins at conception. An embryo is nascent human life. It's genetically distinct. It's living. This position is consistent with my faith. To me it isn't just a matter of faith, it's a matter of science. . . . We were all once human embryos. That human embryo has moral significance and worth. It deserves to be treated with utmost dignity and respect. I also believe embryonic stem cell research should be encouraged and supported."
— Senator Bill Frist
July 29, 2005

Senator Frist cannot have it both ways. Saying you are pro-life, doesn't make you pro-life. The pro-life position remains that human life should not be harmed, destroyed, or manipulated in any way. If taxpayer dollars are to be spent, they should be spent on non-embryonic stem cells (such as cord blood and bone marrow), where over 65 diseases have been successfully treated in humans. Even in the case of ethical research, experiments are never performed in humans before first proving successful in animals. Embryonic stem cell research has not treated even one sick rat!

Senator Frist should hear from every pro-lifer TODAY! Please call his Washington D.C. and district offices. He must know that his presidential hopes will never be realized as long as he supports killing human embryos for experimentation.

Take Action

Call Senator Frist and tell him his decision to support killing human embryos makes him clearly NOT pro-life. Be sure to call both DC and district offices.

Sen. Frist offices: Washington, D.C.: 202-224-3344; Nashville: 615-352-9411; Memphis: 901-683-1910; Knoxville: 865-637-4180; Chattanooga: 423-756-2757; Jackson: 731-424-9655; Kingsport: 423-323-1252.

Call President Bush and tell him we expect him to veto any legislation that supports federally funded killing of embryos!

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111