Friday, July 1


It goes without saying that the Democratic Party and its Senate Liberals will do everything in their power to disrupt the confirmation process of whoever President Bush's nominee is to fill the vacated seat in the United States Supreme Court. That's a given. All President Bush did in his Rose Garden comments on the heels of Justice Sandra Day O'Conner's resignation was to ensure that the American people are geared up to watch what the Democrats are truly all about as a political party -- contretemps and obstructionism.

The radical Left feared this most during the 2004 presidential election: namely, the likelihood of President Bush, were he returned to office, of getting the opportunity in his second term of filling at least two Supreme Court seats.

So the game is on. Kennedy, Reid, and Dean will be pontificating and the Senate floor is about to turn blood-red. The blogosphere's polibloggers will be all over this.