Sunday, July 31


What kind of a site is Peter Daou running these days when one is obliged to sit through an online advertisement for THE HOT SEX HANDBOOK by Tracey Cox ( a purposeful double-entendre to be sure) to gain free access to the site? I'm a fairly regular reader and have had the good fortune to have Peter publish some of my posts from time to time. He's a gentleman and has encouraged and supported this neophyte blogger, and for that I am in his debt.

But I've never encountered this sort of thing. The "Daou Report" provides an excellent compendium of compelling political writing from the Left and Right sides of the blogosphere. I'm a fan (albeit a cheap one). But I won't be one for long if this is the drawbridge over which one must cross to gain free entry.

Oral sex guides and "sex toys tried and approved." Approved by whom, Peter? And "foreplay ideas" to keep me "amused for months." Goodness, Peter; I suppose you'll next offer a forum for Bi-Polibloggers.

While I sat in front of my computer being assailed by Salon's lack of discretion, it brought to mind those ubiquitous Adults Only XXX shops and the oversized billboards heralding their wares that line the interstates these days. I also thought for a moment that I had stumbled upon an online Democratic Party fundraiser promoting "Family Values." I kept waiting to see Whoopie Goldberg's and John Kerry's mugs materialize and with one or the other winking at me.

POSTSCRIPT: I have exchanged emails with Peter Daou this evening. He assured me that he has no decision-making authority with respect to the advertisements Salon chooses to run on the "Daou Report" site. Peter, gentleman that he is, apologized if I was offended by this particular ad. I replied that I was more disappointed than offended and that, in my opinion, the ad was smptomatic of the coarsening of America. The "Daou Report" is an excellent site and I, for one, dislike seeing it compromised by these sorts of advertisements. It's not enough to say that it is simply illustrative of the age in which we live. To me, it's illustrative of too many people being accepting of the commercial crassness of the few. Remember, the age we live in is precisely what we make of it.