Sunday, July 10


Great Britain's Home Secretary Charles Clarke is reported by the Associated Press (AP) as saying he's "fearful" of more terrorist attack's on England's soil until the "gang" that perpetrated the bombings on July 7th is apprehended.

Our fear is of course of more attacks, until we succeed in tracking down the gang which committed the atrocities on Thursday and that's why the number one priority ... has to be the catching of the perpetrators.
If one didn't know better, you'd think "7/7" was a scene out of a "Law and Order" segment.

It is this sort of naive mindset, viewing the "7/7" tragedy as tantamount to an isolated criminal act, that will continue to leave the British vulnerable, not the timespan in which the perpetrators remain at large.

Fact is, the four bombings may have been carried out by just one "sleeper cell" among many operating in Great Britain, any number of which may be poised to strike. In the context of the War On Terror, it is not simply enough to do the police work and round-up the suspects and call it a day.

British Intelligence, in concert with the USA, France, Germany, and Israel (among the Free World countries) should have identified (and apart from targets in theatres of the war already underway in Iraq and Afghanistan) targets that would be struck in retaliation for any terrorist attacks on its country or any of its allies. Those targets should have already been struck in the aftermath of the "7/7" bombings in London if the Free World, and its intelligence-gathering apparatus, had it together and their was steel in the alliance, rather than a propensity for high-minded political rhetoric about showing resolve. Islamic fanatics only understand force met with force.

Too, the subway bombings in London should not be viewed as an isolated event, but as just one in a series of dastardly terrorist attacks around the world and over a number of years now, which remain ongoing and undeterred.

It's July 10th and the attack in London has not been answered. Islamic militancy cannot be answered with police work alone. Terrorism must be viewed as connected acts of an insidious war, not a crime spree.