Monday, July 4


Kevin Whited, to his credit, takes the "Houston Chronicle" to task today at "" for juxtaposing a Bush-bashing political cartoon that first appeared in the liberal "Atlanta Consitution" on June 30th with an editorial that describes Americans as united: "... no American reviles our troops or desecrates the flag, yet every American wishes the war would end."

What this writer wishes would end is the unquenched, unconstrained criticism of the president in a time of war by the liberal, mainstream media.

Even on a day in which patriotism should flourish, the editorial board of the "Houston Chronicle" chose to publish a cartoon depicting George Bush as an ape; and I'm not simply offended by it, I am furious about it. It's a slap in the face to our troops for whom George Bush is their Commander-In-Chief.

Since that fateful day -- September 11, 2001 -- there has not been a terrorist attack on this nation's soil. Couldn't the "Houston Chronicle" have set aside one day to honor the president?

Lincoln suffered more than his fair share of scurrilous, yellow press in his troubled days during the Civil War. It would appear that President Bush must carry his cross as well.

No wonder the "Houston Chronicle" is losing readership. It sunk to a new low today.