Wednesday, July 13


According to a "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) story by reporter Edward Hegstrom, published on July 9th, the new Archbishop of Houston, Joseph A. Fiorenza, is quoted as saying in regard to the Minutemen:

We stand against any attempt of outsiders to come into Houston to abuse and intimidate our immigrant communities.
It would appear Archbishop Fiorenza needs to be reminded that American citizens are free to travel anywhere in the United States of America and that neither Houston nor any American city is a closed community. To refer to American citizens as "outsiders" and illegal aliens as members of an "immigrant community" establishes clearly the unclear thinking of the Archbishop on this matter and suggests a mindset in tune with those organizations that abet the human invasion from the south.

It would appear Archbishop Fiorenza needs to be reminded that prejudging anyone or any group of Americans freely assembled is poor form and that the citizen-patriots comprising the Project Minuteman organization deserve fair treatment under the law, objectivity and a fair shake, both from the Church and from Houston's public officials. There are Minutemen who are Catholics!

It would appear that while Archbishop Fiorenza and the Catholic Church have the obligation to attend to the spiritual needs of their entire flock, and regardless of citizenry or ethnicity, that they also must abide the laws of those countries in which they serve the Mother Church; and in the United States of America it is patently illegal for non-citizens to breech its borders and to enter the United States without proper documentation and clearance from immigration authorities. To wit: illegal aliens are at-large lawbreakers.

It would appear that the Archbishop has chosen to promulgate salacious propaganda -- namely, that the Minutemen organization has as its avowed aim (or has, as a matter of documented practice) the abuse and intimidation of illegal aliens, which, to be sure, couldn't be further from the truth and for which the Archbishop has provided no evidence to support his outrageous claims.

If the Archbishop is concerned about "abuse and intimidation" he should turn his attention to the widespread pedophilia within the ranks of the Church. That form of abuse is a matter of record, has gone on for years, and cover-ups have occurred.

And, for what it is worth, this writer is a Catholic, served as an altar boy in his youth, put his sons through Catholic parochial schools, and most certainly regards this nation's porous borders as a serious security threat.

The Archbishop is out of line in this matter -- pure and simple.