Thursday, July 7


Not since "The Mahablog" annointed me a "rightie blogger" back on January 31st have I exulted so in being the target of cheap shots from the Left side of the blogosphere, and this time around from no less prominent a top-of-the-pyramid maligner of the Right than the blog "Daily Kos."

Seems I'm to be made an object lesson for the Left in how a conservative blogger overreacts when innocent men, women, and children are slaughtered and wounded by terrorists bent on murdering civilians in a war of their making, and at a time and a place of their choosing. On the heels of the worst attack on London since World War II, it makes sense that "Daily Kos" would turn towards my site this evening, rather than citing the kind of muddled thinking in domestic and international circles that abets terrorism, counsels appeasement, and sets the stage for such brutality as was inflicted on London.

The hyberbole used by writer Dunciad is not intended to be a point-counterpoint rebuttal of what I expressed in my post, but rather to distort first, then abuse my comments -- a good example being the suggestion that I should have "gone the extra mile" and proposed that "a dozen or so (GITMO) detainees ... be crucified." Sorry, but I'd be quite satisfied if they simply dined on food while in confinement no better than that which our troops must subsist on in combat operations.

Again, if the free world had it together, we'd know who and where to hit, and we'd be hitting them.

If "Daily Kos" had it together ...