Saturday, June 25


As protestors marched back and forth by the hundreds outside the grounds of the White House this past Tuesday, I had meant to publish a post on the supreme irony of watching these protestors on the nightly news trumpeting their concerns on the day Vietnam's Prime Minister Phan Van Khai visited with President George Bush. I was struck by the scene and asked myself if the protestors appreciated, as they marched carrying their protest signs and placards, what surviving members of the Johnson and Nixon administrations must have been thinking. It was an incongruous sight, indeed.

Seems it would have been more appropriate if John Kerry and Jane Fonda and others of their ilk had been herded into a large Woodstock type farm field so these protestors last Tuesday could have the right people assembled in full view as the object of their concern and their scorn, rather than President Bush and his White House staff. After all, it was Kerry and Fonda and thousands of others like them who ensured that a Communist regime would rule Vietnam and engage in the oppressions that these new-age protestors are now fretting about.

The reason I'm writing today is I just watched a portion of a CSPAN broadcast in which I listened to the importunities of Minky Worden, Media Director, Human Rights Watch, and Helen Ngo, Board member, Committee For Religious Freedom In Vietnam, as each testified before the House International Relations Subcommittee. Between them, they offered a litany of the human rights abuses and hard-edged intolerance for religious freedom that abound in Communist Vietnam today.

Yes, it's a sad commentary on what happens to people caught in the grips of repressive, totalitarian regimes, but then just as with LBJ and Richard Nixon, now George W. Bush is being hampered in his determination to bring freedom and democracy to such peoples by people in this country who, in their convoluted thinking, think all war is bad and needless, and that you can negotiate tolerance by being tolerant of anything and everything. They didn't support our government and military back then and they do not suport them now.

The infamy of the Fall of Saigon is on them, on the peaceniks and flower children and all the misguided, naive souls who let subversive organizations and an arrogant mainstream media manipulate them into chasing two presidents -- a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican -- from the White House. What Vietnam is today is what they helped wrought and it ought to keep them awake at night.