Tuesday, June 28


"Q School" in golf means the grueling competition to earn a PGA card. Here in Texas it means knowing how to slow-cook a good-size piece of tough meat and make it damn near melt in your mouth. Well, I'm a little past the half-way point in trying to accomplish just that. I put an 18-pound brisket in my smoker at 9:15am CDT this morning and in a matter of minutes 12 hours of cooking time will have elapsed. The meat needs to get to an internal temperature of 185 degrees F. and I want to get that reading in the thicker "heel" end of the meat. I'm sitting at 130 degrees F. presently. I'm using a digital read-out cooking thermometer and this is the first time all day that I have checked the temperature of the meat.

I'll tell you this: the brisket smells wonderful. But, patience must prevail. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

My goal? I want to end up with a "60-mile BBQ brisket sandwich."

"What's that?," you ask.

Well, Dear Readers, that's a sandwich so damn good that you'd be willing to drive 60 miles to eat one (or two, or three)! And those are one-way miles!