Wednesday, June 29


The brisket came out of the smoker at 8:45am CDT this morning -- a full 23 and 1/2 hours after it went in to the cooking chamber, and after it had reached an internal temperature of 185 degrees F.

I then placed it in a tight wrap of double aluminum foil and placed it in a pre-heated oven at 150 degrees F. for 1 and 1/2 hours to let the meat "rest" and assure that its moisture is not just at the surface of the brisket.

It is now 10:15am CDT -- 24 hours to the minute since I placed the brisket in the smoker's cooking chamber yesterday morning. It is now ready to be carved and my wife and I have postponed breakfast in the interest of each of us enjoying a thick, meat-piled-high, barbecue brisket sandwich. We'll be using regular hamburger buns and for condiments hamburger-style dill chips and pickled Jalapeno slices. We'll top off the brisket and condiments with some Cattlemen's Smokey barbecue sauce.

I'm just waiting for my wife to conclude her morning exercises, so I can begin slicing the brisket and ultimately render her morning work-out useless!

The big questions: will it slice easily, will the meat be moist, and did I overdue the dry rub recipe with too much cayenne (or will the "bark" have a good kick to it)? I'm not worried in the least about having good smoke penetration and a nice smoke ring.

Next post will advise on whether or not I hit a home run and there should be a photo or two for you!