Thursday, June 2


I'd like you to click on this link and read this page of the Texas Homeland Security Web site, which goes into much detail about how citizen volunteers can "help make (their) home, community and state safer." Included is an HTML bullet item reading: Remain vigilant and report suspicious activity.

Once you've read the details, kindly tell me how what our good governor is asking of the citizens of the Lonestar State is any different from precisely what "The Minuteman Project" is all about -- namely, citizen volunteers surveiling border crossing points commonly used by illegal aliens and the "cayotes" who smuggle them across this nation's contiguous border with Mexico and reporting any observed suspicious or illegal activity to the proper authorities?

Yet, lobbying is actively underway and originating from a diverse group of interests to have Texas' Governor Perry thwart the Minutemen from doing here in Texas what they did so ably in Arizona. And mind you, the Minutemen who gathered in southern Arizona (in what is known as the "Tucson Sector") were not just out in the sticks, but also surveilled neighborhoods.

The following really gripes me -- how about you?

But although Minuteman organizers said nearly 1,000 volunteers from around the country were ready, Texas civil rights groups, clergy, newspaper editorial boards and politicians are folding up the welcome mats.

"I think it's a problem all of Texas has with having vigilante groups from other parts of the country come to our state to try to tell us how to run our business," said Democratic state Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, an author of a resolution that urged Gov. Rick Perry to oppose Minuteman plans.

Eleven senators signed it, and Democratic state Sen. Rodney Ellis wrote Perry that Minutemen "are not welcome in Texas." Perry responded that he can't ban people from legal activity.

"He understands and appreciates the frustration that many Texans have with illegal immigration and its impact on national security, but ultimately this is a federal issue," Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt said.

Whether you live here in Texas or not, fact is the Minutemen can favorably impact you, because with 10 million - 20 million illegal aliens in this country, there's barely a community untouched in some way, shape, or form by this problem; and that comment, Dear Readers, is apart from the weighty implications of our porous borders vis-a-vis national security, and, of course, the impact on taxpayers of out-of-control immigration.

HAT TIP: Matt Drudge.