Wednesday, June 29


The brisket was an absolute triumph -- moist, flavorful, and delicious beyond my expectations. Forgive me, but I must toss modesty aside. I nailed it.

With all due respect to the BBQ establishments I've been to over the years (and they are legion), this was the best damn brisket I believe I've ever eaten. My wife agrees!

I began carving at the "toe" or thin end of the brisket, which is usually subject to drying out in the cooking process. But, from the first slice I had moisture in the meat. And, oh, that "bark" -- it was the consistency of a heavy paste (probably owing to the mustard) and ever so spicy and flavorful. The amount of cayenne I used in the dry rub recipe turned out to be just fine.

Here's a photo of the finished product:

And here are some slices from the thin end of the brisket, so you can see the dark outer layer of "bark" and the pink "smoke ring" around the periphery of the meat. My goodness is it tender and moist.

Just know this, Dear Readers: you can't take shortcuts. Great BBQ is an art and a science; but, most of all, it demands unwavering patience. You must do it "low-n-slow" and never rush the cooking time. If "Q" is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

By the way, as I slice towards the "heel" (the thicker end) of the brisket, it's only going to get better!