Wednesday, June 29


If you followed my live-blogging yesterday in multiple posts about doing an 18-pound brisket Texas-style in my smoker, then you may be wondering if and when it will be done and with what kind of results. Well, the internal temperature of the meat is presently sitting at 180 degrees F., so there are just 5 more degrees to go! We're in the home stretch and nearing the Finish Line! This large piece of meat has been slow-cooking in the cooking chamber for 22 hours and 30 minutes now.

Once the brisket reaches 185 degrees F., I should be able to stick a fork in the meat and easily rotate it. That's how tender this otherwise toughest among all the cuts of beef should be if I've done everything correctly. I'll then wrap it in foil and let the meat "rest" in a warm oven for a minimum of one hour.

I'll get some photos posted for you once it's completed.

I'm presently debating whether I want sliced, BBQ brisket and scrambled eggs for breakfast or a BBQ brisket sandwich and a cold beer. Either choice is a good one provided the "Q" is top-notch.