Tuesday, June 7


My blog -- A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT -- is six months old today, as is my youngest grandson, Austin Burgess Higgins. My inaugural post announced his birth (I was beaming); and his arrival into this world was the inspiration for me to do what I've always wanted to do (but much more of it) -- to write!

I devoted most of the first month my blog was in existence to family, and particularly to doting over newborn Austin, as well as my older grandson (soon to turn six) Matthew, who is such a wonderful little boy. I will soon be visiting both grandsons, as Austin is being baptized in the Catholic Church and my wife and I wouldn't miss that blessed event for anything.

Following the turn of the New Year, I segued from reporting on the family to getting into politics, current events, and a handful of issues near and dear to me: Pro-life causes; border security and immigration reform; the violent MS-13 street gang; the repression of blogger-journalists; activist judges rewriting the U.S. Constitution and legislating from the bench; and, of late, working to turn the tables on the RINO-incarnate, Senator John McCain.

I'm a committed center-right poliblogger and that will remain my focus.

At this half-way point in my first year of blogging, I'd like to thank my readers and particularly those fellow bloggers who have supported "ACSOL" by linking to my posts and placing "ACSOL" in their blogrolls. Blogging has proven to be so personally rewarding. And an unexpected pleasure -- a serendipity along the way -- has been the number of friendships that have developed in the blogosphere: friendships with people who I only know through their writing (oh, but what writing!) and the email exchanges we engage in, but friendships nonetheless -- friendships based on trust, good-natured, mutual encouragement, shared passions, and the daily pleasure of enjoying the insights of another that might have otherwise remain obscured.

One of those friends is having a personal struggle right now and he is in my thoughts and prayers!

Far and away, my biggest disappointment to date: that we could not save the life of Terri Schiavo. My greatest joy: the writing and knowing that it is being read. My fervent hope: that even one woman considering an abortion re-considered and preserved that life within her because of something I wrote or the writing and information of others I linked to or quoted. All human life -- God's sublime creation -- must be held sacred and cherished. We truly must error on the side of life!

Thank you so much, Dear Readers! And, please -- keep returning to "ACSOL."