Thursday, June 16


The right-hand man to Al-Qaeda's Abu Musab al-Zarkawi -- Mohammed Khalaf Shakar -- has been captured by U.S. and Iraqi troops this week. Despite his claim that he would never be taken alive, Shakar was captured without incident. The same Al-Qaeda leaders who brainwash zealous Islamic fanatics to fly commercial aircraft into high-rise towers, themselves go quietly into the night, cowards one and all. Indeed, Shakar put up no fight whatsoever and is said to be cooperating with interrogators.

They can run, but they can't hide -- not forever, anyway. Thank God if "9/11" was an inevitability that it happened on President Bush's watch and not on President Clinton's. The scorecard to date in tracking down and capturing or killing al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders has been impressive. We have President Bush's leadership to thank for avenging the victims of this horrific, unprovoked series of attacks on American soil. He didn't waver; he didn't defer to the United Nations; he didn't shrink from his responsibilities as Commander-In-Chief.

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