Thursday, June 2


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) reports in today's edition that Texas' Attorney General Greg Abbott is "tracking down and arresting sex offenders who have not registered with local police." Certainly, the Attorney General and his office are to be commended.

Texas' sex offender registration law allows communities to know if sex offenders are living in their area.

Abbott said that Operation Missing Predator arrested four Houston-area men last week: Luther James Carroll, 47; William Charles Davis, 46; Lionell Jones, 53; and William Clarence Martin, 43. The men face state jail felonies of up to two years in prison for failing to update their sex offender registries.

The story goes on to report that "4,800 of the state's 42,000 registered sex offenders live in Houston." Those numbers ought to cause one to pause and contemplate just how dangerous this world is in which we and our children and grandchildren live.

But, I have to wonder if we're getting the whole story from the "Houston Chronicle" and Attorney General Greg Abbott, particularly since Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, and in relatively close proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border, is a magnet for illegal aliens.

I say this because of this sobering column by Dr. Madeleine Cosman, published today in "News With," in which this learned professional woman opens with the following caution:

Violent sexual predators armed with handguns and rifles are social menaces and medical hazards. Surprising numbers of armed violent sexual predators are illegal aliens. Illegal alien invaders flout basic American law and bring sexually transmitted diseases to California, Arizona, Texas, and heartland states such as Iowa and Minnesota.

People convinced illegal aliens are good for America's economy must learn how bad Illegal Alien sexual predators are for America's children.

The question becomes are sexual offenders who are illegal aliens even counted in the statistics released by the Texas Attorney General's office or do their ranks only add to the numbers and present an even more alarming danger?

If you read the entire column by Dr. Cosman, as I urge you to do, or scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you'll see statistics on illegal alien sexual offenders who have been apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforecement (ICE) agents in major cities throughout America. She lists 244 sexual predators as having been apprehended by ICE (period of time not given) here in Houston, Texas.

Understand, however, the following:

Deporting illegal alien sexual predators works best only if they can be prevented from reentry. Lamentably lax border control makes reentry inevitable.

And that, Dear Readers, is the fundamental issue. No matter how effective ICE is (and they are under-manned and under-funded), no matter the hue and cry for amnesty (don't be fooled by the pre-packaged, legislative guises) for illegals already in this country (and they number 10 million to 20 million), until our borders are secured, the human wave will continue, the colonization of this country will go on largely undisturbed, and Americans will continue to be victimized in countless ways (including sexual predation) by people who broke the law the minute they breeched our borders and, in many instances, continue to do so thereafter.

If the last statement were not true, then 33% of our country's prison population wouldn't be comprised of illegal aliens. Illegals entering this country are not in all cases the downtrodden poor coming here to perform menial stoop labor in the agricultural fields of America. Many are hardened criminals coming here to do more crime. It is currently costing the state of Texas $150 million a year to incarcerate illegal alien criminals in state and county prisons!

Still unconvinced? The dreaded MS-13 street gang, composed mostly of illegal aliens, now operates in 33 states and its primary method of dealing with potential witnesses is beheadings by machetes.