Monday, June 27


Moses can bring the tablets bearing God's laws down from the mountaintop, but he had better not put them on display in any U.S. courthouse or other government facility. So sayeth the Secularists; so sayeth the ACLU; so sayeth the United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision issued this morning with Justice Sandra Day O'Conner the swing vote for the "Liberal" majority.

"Thou shall not kill" is apparently patently offensive and inappropriately insinuates itself into the world that must be rendered unto Caesar, rather than unto the Lord Our God.

Meanwhile, "Roe v. Wade" trumps God Himself in an America that's taking on the aspect of secular Europe more and more each day, as its government countenances the slaughter of millions of innocents, while eschewing the original Ten Commandments.

The unborn are no longer safe, private property is no longer safe, and the seminal antecedents of our body of law are no longer safe from the long reach of the United States Supreme Court and the Liberal zealots who seek to remove any traces of Christianity -- its ethos, philosophy, theology and symbols -- from the public domain.

The United States government is being scrubbed clean of the guiding Hand of The Lord, as if its greatness never depended upon Divine Providence.

SOURCE: Associated Press (AP)

UPDATE: Cybercast News Service