Sunday, June 19


47.9 million unborn human beings have been aborted since the fateful "Roe v. Wade" U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1973. That means nearly 48 million fathers have had only the terrible legacy of an aborted child to mark what should have been for them a joyful "Father's Day." After all, the Roe v. Wade decision upheld a woman's right to choose -- fathers were afforded no such comparable constitutional "choice" in the matter. In turn, that means approxiamtely 24 million unborn baby boys never had a chance at life, growing into manhood, and the opportunity to give life and enjoy the special rewards of fatherhood and this day set aside in their honor.

As a father of three sons, two of whom have become fathers and who I have observed firsthand taking absolute delight in their own children, it pains me to know that "fatherhood" gets lost in the legal equation in an age in which the mother, rather than even God Himself, oftentimes determines whether or not a child will even be born into this world.

This is a day in which men ought to think long and hard on what the United States Supreme Court did to them in rendering its majority view on January 22, 1973 -- a dreadful decision that truly lives in infamy!