Thursday, June 30


I won't go into the litany that Liberal Democrats, such as Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer, among others, tirelessly cite in demanding a timetable from the president for troop withdrawal from Iraq. That litany is known by all and it's careworn and, for the most part, trite, and it little serves the interests of the nation in combatting Islamic Jihadists and the terrorism they espouse and carry out worldwide. The President is going to see the thing through "on his watch" and that is that, good polls or bad polls.

Where the Democrats are really dropping the ball and what far too many Americans continue to remain indifferent about is the security of our nation's borders -- borders that are egregiously porous -- and the huge security threat that they pose for us. This should be Issue One -- right up there on the front burner in Congress and in the White House and the next time around in the voting booths.

Forget the issue of a link -- real, perceived, or apocryphal -- between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. That's been beaten to death. Let it go!

The bigger issue, the one that could put a legitimate test to President Bush's claim that his Number #1 priority is to protect Americans from acts of terrorism here at home, is that he's knowingly permitting millions to enter our country illegally, mostly across our contiguous southern border with Mexico. It's disgraceful, it's harmful, it's costly, and the day will come when it will be the genesis of and indeed the route taken to another major attack on this country. It is just a matter of time. It's becoming an inevitability. And it is here that the President's dog don't hunt, as they say here in Texas -- the notion that his Administration's strategy is to fight terrorism overseas, away from American soil, and not on the ground of the terrorists' choosing.

Read the following from the "New York Times" (courtesy of a link at the "Drudge Report") and tell me why it is that Republicans, the opposition Party, and concerned Americans across this land of ours are not insisting on a major Presidential Address on the state of our borders, the threats to us from illegal immigrants and the human trafficers who bring them here, and immigration reform sans amnesty?

I'm telling you whether you support the war in Iraq as I do or you're adamantly opposed to it, the effects of unfettered illegal immigration will be more long-lasting and have far greater consequences for this country than the war we're engaged in in the Middle East.

The Democrats decried Karl Rove's remarks and continue circling their wagons around the war in Iraq. I think it's high time they and Americans everywhere align those wagons along this nation's southern border and demand real answers and action from President Bush. If anybody and his uncle can cross into the United States at will from the Mexican side, then it doesn't take a genius to know that terrorists will make good use of those corridors to breech our borders, set up their cells, and eventually strike us.

I support the President in most areas. I voted for him twice. But I'm tired of hearing the same justifications for our war in Iraq over and over again. What I want -- what all of us, regardless of Party affiliation, should be demanding of the President -- is a "State of the Borders Address" and some genuine candor as to why his Administration, this Congress, and the tax-gobbling Department of Homeland Security are not stopping the influx of illegals and only proposing amnesty for the 10 to 20 million illegals already afoot in our land.

Stop the invasion, Mr. President! It's your obligation as President and Commander-In-Chief.