Thursday, June 23


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has declared the war against terrorists in Afghanistan over. I'm sure all those who have devoted themselves to undermining the U.S. military's war on terrorism will take heart in Pelosi's misguided declaration. Indeed, the left-of-Left Liberal appears more concerned with purported detainee abuse than with the dead of "9/11" and the ongoing threat to this country's security from radical Islamic terrorists, their organizations, and the countries who sponsor and/or provide sanctuary for them.

From the "Washington Times" article I linked to:

On Tuesday, Mrs. Pelosi and three other top Democrats called for a commission to investigate reported abuses of detainees from the war on terror. Mrs. Pelosi said it is past time that the administration established a policy on determining the fates of the detainees at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, arguing that most are from Afghanistan and that the conflict there has ended.

"I assume that the war in Afghanistan is over, or is the contention that you have that it continues?" she said to a reporter.

A few moments later, she said: "This isn't about the duration of the war. The war in Afghanistan is over."
Were that not enough, the Left Coast Democrat is also attempting to force the end of the war in Iraq through the so-called Pelosi Amendment. Her rhetoric is as unconscionable, as it is inflammatory, but is emblematic of a Democratic Party leadership that is anything but. What must the troops think?

Then we have the irrepressible Ted Kennedy calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation and characterizing the war in Iraq as a "quagmire," while accusing Rumsfeld of "gross errors and mistakes." Seems Kennedy is more than familiar in his own life with "gross errors and mistakes," so he must regard himself as a ranking authority on identifying stupidity, misconduct, and errors of omission.

Hang in their Mr. Rumsfeld. Just consider the source.