Wednesday, June 15


If Michael Jackson is a pedophile, as I believe him to be, than he will not modify his behavior, as his shameless "spriritual advisor" (and erstwhile self-promoter) Jesse Jackson claims he will. The demons of depravity that live inside Mr. Jackson will continue to drive the pleasure he takes in bedding little boys and in pornography.

What must change are the actions of thoroughly misguided adults -- the parents who willingly turn their children over to the effete pop star and toss their children's fate to the wind. It's incomprehensible that any parent would do so, but then the fawning, star-struck, supremely naive legions who have been complicitous in Michael Jackson's unseemly predilection for playing Peter Pan at Neverland prove that not all parents are deserving of their children or able to conduct themselves responsibly.

In the court of public opinion, Michael Jackson has not been acquitted and nor should the parents be who wittingly played into his hands for the sake of their own ego-gratification and self-aggrandizement, thus putting their children into harm's way.