Friday, June 3


In this post yesterday, I concluded by writing:

Still unconvinced? The dreaded MS-13 street gang, composed mostly of illegal aliens, now operates in 33 states and its primary method of dealing with potential witnesses is beheadings by machetes.
In this morning's "Washington Post" (registration required), staff writer Tom Jackman reports on an unprovoked, vicious assault this past Sunday by one of a group of suspected MS-13 gang members, two of whom were wielding machetes, on an 18-year old man. The report indicates the principal attacker went for the victim's head with the machete.

According to Tom Jackman:

The victim told police that he saw several young men playing basketball outside 6807 Lynbrook Dr. and that one of the men flashed a hand signal indicating loyalty to MS-13. The victim told investigators from the Fairfax gang unit that he didn't want a confrontation with the men and ignored the signal.

Soon after, the victim reported, he was standing with friends at Augusta and Lynbrook drives when he saw about seven people coming toward him. Two carried machetes, and others might have had bats or sticks, the affidavit states.

The approaching group yelled "MS" and flashed more hand signals. Then one youth swung a machete at the victim's head, the affidavit states. The victim's hand was badly cut while blocking the swing.

The victim and his friends ran, and the victim was struck in the back of the head, suffering "extensive injury," Detective Travis Heiden wrote in the affidavit. The victim and his friends then escaped.

Police obtained a search warrant for the house at 6807 Lynbrook Dr., and officers spent several hours there yesterday, neighbors said. The gang investigators also identified a suspect who allegedly lives at the house and said he had previously admitted his membership in Mara Salvatrucha, according to the affidavit.

The reporter continues:

Mara Salvatrucha, a Salvadoran street gang with origins in Los Angeles, is thought to be Northern Virginia's most dominant gang, with more than 2,000 members.

Of 11 gang-related slayings in the region since 2000, nine are attributed to MS, as are two machete attacks in the last year in which fingers of rival gang members have been sliced off.

I have written extensively on MS-13 and particularly on it being implicated (arrests have been made) in the death, here in Houston, of 18-month old toddler Aiden Naquin, who was brutally shot in the head at point blank range by a suspected MS-13 gunman flanked by MS-13 accomplices. The story is chilling.

MS-13 is just one of the dreadful implications of porous borders, a burgeoning illegal alien population in this country (now estimated to be in the 10 million to 20 million range), and a president and Congress indifferent to the effects this human invasion is having on our country and its citizens. As I reported yesterday, 33% of our country's prison population is comprised of illegal aliens. Those who would tell you that the so-called, euphemistically-described, issue of "undocumented workers" strictly revolves around downtrodden immigrants seeking a better life in America and willing to do the work that Americans refuse to do, are patently pulling the wool over your eyes. The whole thing is sinister.

Are illegal alien-filled jobs in refineries, power stations, chemical plants, and airports consistent, for example, with the propaganda being spewed by open-border advocates that they're principally here to do stoop labor in agricultural fields? Do you want a truckload of illegals dropped off in your neighbordood? "Oh, that could never happen!"

Think again!