Monday, June 6


According to a quote attributed to Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VI) in this story by Kelley Vlahos, there are 850,000 gang members in the United States and were they to join hands they'd constitute the 6th largest army in the world.

While that's not going to happen, it should give Americans pause. Worrisome in this staggering statistic is the growth and spread of some of the more sinister street gangs, among them the ultra violent, illegal alien-populated, MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha gang, which now thrives in 33 states and has as its violent signature the use of the machete to behead its victims, particularly those who threaten to testify against it.

While certain members of Congress, Representative Forbes key among them, seek to provide mandatory, minimum federal prison sentences for criminal gang activity, the usual bleeding heart orgnaizations are coming out of the woodwork, as always, to defend the rights of those who prey upon society and its law-abiding citizens, principal among them the ACLU. Indeed, the leftwing ACLU, in looking out for MS-13 gang members, also goes to bat for another of its pet projects -- ensuring open borders and rights tantamount to citizenship for the 10 million to 20 million illegal aliens already afoot in this country.

Then, of course, you have the hand-wringers in Congress, such as Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX), who would rather see a plethora of taxpayer-funded social programs to deal with the escalation in gang membership and violence, than tougher sentencing standards. The Democrat from Texas feels we must get to the root cause of why young men join gangs, rather than assure that the more violent among them are locked up for a long time so they don't maim or kill us. Congressman Johnson is quoted as saying:

We must give our young people a path to success, not just a path to prison.
I guess in the case of MS-13, the naive Congressman must think the United States needs to pour federal tax dollars into El Salvadore, Honduras, and Mexico in order to help the wayward youth of those countries. Amazing, isn't it, that voters have put these kinds of knuckleheads in the halls of Congress?

POSTSCRIPT: This column by Michelle Malkin, published in "", captures the essence of the ACLU -- a leftist organization that would go to bat for violent street gangs composed of illegal aliens and those who breech our borders, before it ever would an organization composed of American citizens, be it the Minutemen or the Boys Scouts of America.