Tuesday, June 21


Michael Schiavo has staked a claim that he never committed adultery, never had two children by another woman while his hapless, cognitively disabled wife lay alive in a hospice bed. But how did a man who was living with another woman for all the world to see while his wife was still breathing register such an outlandish claim to moral fidelity? Leave it to the likes of Michael Schiavo to do the thing he chose to do: to show on his dead wife's headstone not the date on which she legally died (March 31, 2005), owing to court-ordered starvation and dehydration, but rather the date on which he decided, and for reasons not even accounted for in his wife's autopsy report, that she first fell into a persistent vegetative state -- February 25, 1990. How convenient for him. And how sanctimonious to indicate on the headstone that Terri Schiavo only found peace once she had been dehydrated-to-death.

Is there a lower animal form than Michael Schiavo? Leave it to Michael Schiavo to cast in marble apocryphal facts to vindicate in his own twisted mind the reprehensible deed he committed through the courts.

He kept his promise all right. He kept his promise to himself and to his ghoulish attorney to have his brain-injured wife killed in an inhumane, protracted way, rather than simply returning her to her parents and siblings who sought to care for her until her natural death. The pseudo promise this bully claims to have kept was revealed so belatedly that it merits disbelief from reasonable people.

He confined her to a hospice cell when she wasn't dying and now confines her mortal remains to a gravesite under which his contorted view of his own eminent self-worth is memorialized for the ages. Terri Schiavo, according to him, was a loving wife, but apparently not a loving daughter. And her memory is used only to portray himself in the best possible light, while once again shooting arrows through the hearts of her mother, father, sister and brother.

The grave marker is an ignoble act of rank hypocrisy: it befits a man who promised to love, honor, and cherish his wife all the days of their lives, but chose instead to have her life extinguished. After all, it has always been about Michael Schiavo and his needs, never about his wife's.

This is a mean-spirited, base, and selfish man -- a man that no self-respecting Christian can abide.