Thursday, June 2


Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, California, once Democratic governor of the Golden State and ersthwile boyfriend of Linda Ronstadt, has peddled some prime real estate of his in an upscale district in the city he oversees and in the process has rankled neighbors who don't want to see their investments undercut by a shelter for the wayward.

Here's the story of Mayor Moonbeam's real estate transaction, as posted by "The Happy Capitalist". Kind of ironic: a "Happy Capitalist" writing about a dyed-in-the-wool "happy capitalist" who portrays himself unconvincingly as the quintessential, do-gooder, political Liberal of his era. Anyway, the dear Mayor hasn't fooled "The Happy Capitalist," nor has he fooled this writer. He's looking out for Number One. Liberals, of course, aren't supposed to be that selfish, but then their crassness oftentimes gets in the way of the better angels of their nature.

Could it be that Jerry Brown is an aspiring Donald Trump in cognito!

By the way, you'll find not a thing posted on this real estate sale at the mayor's blog site.