Monday, June 6


Matt Drudge links to this breaking Associated Press (AP) story (as published in the "Washington Post") on a U.S. Supreme Court decision in which a 6-3 majority ruled that federal drug laws prevail over state laws in disallowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The decision was the result of an appeal from the Bush Administration. Why the Bush Administration frets over denying the legitimate use of marijuana for medicinal purposes to suffering Americans yet turns a deaf ear to the porous borders issue and our country's homeland security is beyond me! I know that statement reads apples and oranges, but I just don't understand the president's priorities at times and I voted for him twice.

While I am aware of state-adopted programs legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes that have failed to properly police the writing of phony prescriptions for marijuana and its subsequent sale to people not in need of the drug (California most certainly comes to mind), it strikes me as ridiculous that if an individual, say terminally ill with cancer, obtains pain relief from the use of marijuana that he/she not be allowed to do so under the care of a legitimate physician writing a legitimate prescription in a state that has made it legal to do so.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of the United States ushered in in its Roe v. Wade decision a veritable slaughter of innocents, with 47.8 million unborn human beings aborted in this country, most of whom were killed not as a result of a mother's (or fetus') medical issue, but rather simply as a matter of convenience -- i.e., "choice."

The U.S. Supreme Court seems eminently conflicted. The Court confuses me.

Terri Schiavo didn't get its attention, nor Pro-Life forces, but a terminally ill patient using marijuana to relieve pain sure did and that individual just took a hard punch to the gut from the Supremes.