Tuesday, June 21


Recall this post of mine about two dozen illegal aliens being employed as contract workers (i.e., leased employees) at Houston-area refineries and with a total of 80 across the country arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in similar positions at refineries and power plants?

As I wrote back on May 20th:

This dispels the notion that illegals strictly work in low-paying jobs, typically in agriculture.

It also dispels the notion that illegals, pouring into this country across the porous, southern contiguous border with Mexico, cannot present a clear and present danger from a Homeland Security perspective. If they can gain employment at oil refinereries and chemical plants, even with poor and/or forged documentation, then they could, were they terrorists, engage in serious sabotage with deadly consequences.

Houston and the entire south-central Gulf Coast region of the United States comprise one of the largest petro-chemical manufacturing regions in the world. This is a target-rich environment for terrorists and there's ready access to the region from nearby Mexico.
Well, now comes this alarming report today from CNN's Washington Bureau that 16 illegal aliens were able to secure employment last year at a nuclear weapons facility near Knoxville, TN.

When is President Bush going to wise up that pororus borders and 10 to 20 million illegal aliens afoot in this country present a clear and present danger to this nation's Homeland Security?

And when are American citizens going to insist with their votes that this issue be brought front and center, while chasing from office pusillanimous politicians (among them Senator John McCain, RINO, AZ) cowering under the pressure of activist groups bent on this country's transformation into a Nation of Aztlan.