Thursday, June 23


The "Houston Chronicle" memorialized in an article in yesterday's edition what Houstonians and those of us like me who live in the suburbs outside of Harris County know all too well -- it's too damn HOT already and we're hardly into what is known down here as the extended African Summer.

Wildebeests on the Serengeti plain are more comfortable right now than we Houstonians have been in June. As "Houston Chronicle" reporter Eric Berger wrote yesterday:

Indeed, with no more rain this month -- and chances are close to nil for at least the next several days -- Houston would set a record for the driest June since annual data collection began in 1889.
Reporter Berger goes on to write that no more rain than the thickness of a nickle has fallen on our area this month, and I'll report to you that each and every day seems dreadfully the same: highs of 96 degrees; "Real Feels" of well over 100 degrees; lows barely into the 70s; and with Houston's customary insufferable humidity only ameliorated by scant rainfall and precious little cloud cover. We're not even having our late afternoon cloud bursts, as there are no afternoon clouds willing to burst.

Your choice is to remain indoors in the air conditioning or to venture outside at your own risk. Goodness, our swimming pool isn't even a relief from the grinding summertime heat, as the pool water is akin to being dropped into a lobster pot.

Even the birds are panting and begging to be let indoors.