Saturday, June 4


There's a serious healthcare crisis in this country and the numbers I have seen range from 40 million to 45+ million Americans without healthcare insurance and with millions more woefully under-insured. And those numbers are only growing.

I trust that is not new news for you. Neither the Clinton Administration then, nor the Bush Administration now, has solved the problem and there is not a thing substantive on the legislative horizon to remedy it, so there is plenty of blame to go around and both political parties have failed us. For starters, maybe that is because the president and our Congressmen are on a superlative federal healthcare plan and the issue isn't touching them or their families. They only pay lip service to the problem. No heavy lifting is being done in the corridors of power in Washington on our behalf.

And, Dear Readers, that's why the little known Federal policy (law, really) of COMPASSIONATE ENTRY is so gauling, which I touched on for the first time yesterday in this post. But before I get into this issue with you, let me begin by underscoring that Americans have long been known as among the world's most generous, charitable people. And that truly is among our greatest virtues. But, do know this: to say that "charity begins at home" is not antithetical to the better angels of our nature, because unless we're in a position to sustain this great country of ours and its legitimate citizens, then how over time can we hope to sustain our propensity for helping the less fortunate here and abroad?

Did you know that hospitals and trauma centers must under federal law medically treat illegal aliens and even if the costs of that medical treatment are not completely defrayed by the Federal government (which they are not ... not even close), whose dollars, of course, are your dollars?

Did you know that Mexican nationals living in border towns and states contiguous to the United States' border can call for (and regularly do) ambulance/paramedic service on the U.S. side of the border and those U.S. healthcare providers are required to respond and to treat them?

My guess: you didn't know this. My presumption: you're as outraged over this revelation as I.

I urge you to read this article by Michael Maresh, published in the "Sierra Vista Herald," for insights -- a microcosmic view -- into this little known policy that obliges the American taxpayer to foot the healthcare bill not only for illegal aliens who broke the law when they entered our country, but also for indigent Mexican citizens who turn to our government, rather than their own, for subsidized healthcare coverage! Yes, just another example of how El Presidente Vicente Fox turns a deaf ear to the needs of his impoverished citizens -- estimated at 45% of the population.

Here are three categories of coverage:

€ Illegal immigrants

€ Immigrants who have been paroled into the U.S. at a port of entry for the purpose of receiving eligible services

€ Mexican citizens permitted to enter the U.S. for not more than 72 hours under the authority of the biometric machine-readable border crossing identification card.
If that information didn't, does the following raise your blood pressure?

She said there are times when the hospital is filled with illegal immigrants needing immediate care.

Transporting a patient by helicopter, she said, costs thousands of dollars, and transporting by ambulance is not cheap either.

"All that money is not being paid (back)," she said.

Part of the problem, Mincher said, is that families in Mexico realize U.S. hospitals have to care for them even if they do not have the funds to pay for the services.

"We are so close, and families (in Mexico) know the system here," she said. "They know we have to take care of them."
Case in point:

A primary reason is the population in Naco, Sonora, continues to skyrocket, and a lot of residents there cannot afford medical care, so they come to Bisbee for free service. They also realize U.S. medical providers are better equipped than the doctors in their own country.

"The level of care here is one of the best in the world," he said.

Dickson said there are people living in Naco, Sonora, who visit his hospital because of its proximity, which compounds the financial situation the hospital is in.
And, brace yourself, as maybe this is most galling of all: illegal aliens and Mexican nationals, if they're even literate at all, are obliged to fill out a U.S. government form that is, in turn, used by the treating medical center to apply for the apportioned federal defrayal of the treatment costs (usually no more than 10 cents on the dollar). But, these folks are given an interesting option by Uncle Sam -- read on and watch the veins pop in your neck:

Dickson said the forms illegal immigrants will be asked to fill out so hospitals will be paid something for services rendered are a little silly in his opinion. It asks the patient's name, address, phone number and place of birth, as well as if they are a U.S. citizen.

Dickson said Mexican nationals in the United States illegally are not going to tell the truth to any of those questions. They are allowed to check the decline-to-answer box. He thinks that option will be used often.
Aren't you pleased that our borders remain as porous as our "public servants" are indifferent to the healthcare plight of a quarter of our country's population?

Now don't just go on to the next post or blog. Write your Congressman and speak your mind!

POSTSCRIPT: For more on this issue and additional compelling facts and figures, please read the following column by United States Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ).