Thursday, June 23


Anne Linehan at "" links to this " story" about the Houston Police Department beginning to crack down on day laborers who gather and mill about in parking lots and on street corners, oftentimes trespassing on private property, harrassing passers-by, particularly females, while usually not carrying any personal identitification, suggesting some or most may be illegal aliens looking for work. This, of course, makes police work more difficult in responding to citizen complaints and, of course, and as this blogger has previously reported, Houston is a so-called "Sanctuary City," where police are precluded from being able to question an individual whether or not he (or she) is an illegal alien or, if so suspected, from reporting that individual to Federal immigration authorities.

But, and that major issue aside, other cities, unlike Houston, are encountering difficulties in dealing with the vexing issue of day laborers congregating in public places. Glendale, California, as an example, has had a local ordinance over-turned in the courts. And, even more telling than the matter of judges legislating from the bench is the fact that many liberal do-gooders seek to eliminate or impede round-ups of loitering day laborers suggesting that such round-ups violate human rights and free speech and oftentimes ensnare legal citizens along the way.

And then, too, you have the altogether ridiculous situation of organizations in this country that ally themselves with illegal alien day laborers and become, in the process, advocates for their rights, as if they were in fact citizens of this country. A case in point:

A judge in Prince William County Small Claims Court has ruled in favor of five day laborers who sued contractors they say cheated them out of their hard-earned pay.

The Washington Post reports the judge ruled their employers owed them more than $5,000 in wages and court costs.

The workers are all immigrants from Mexico and were represented by the Woodbridge Workers Committee, which advocates for day laborers who wait for odd jobs at a 7-Eleven in Woodbridge, Va. Advocates say many laborers do not come forward when they are owed money because of their immigration status and the belief they can't win in court.

Shouldn't the issue be that if illegal aliens come before any judge demanding wages from an employer, that both the illegal aliens and the employer ought to be arrested, and the illegal aliens deported? Don't we have laws on the books and shouldn't those laws be enforced? The situation is beyond ludicrous! It's criminal.

And get a load of this:

Panelist Chris Newman of the Los Angeles-based National Day Labor Organizing Network ripped a bill signed by Governor Janet Napolitano last month that prohibits public funding of labor centers that cater to undocumented immigrants. He called the move "misguided, bizarre and counterproductive."

"It's the first law of its kind in the nation," Newman said. "It endorses the vigilante viewpoint and is counter to national trends," he said.
And there's that euphemism undocumented immigrants again. The only legal immigrant to this country is a properly documented immigrant. What Chris Newman is talking about and advocating on behalf of are illegal aliens who have no business being in this country if the President of the United States, Congress, and the Department of Homeland Security were doing their jobs.

And lastly, and as the "" article informs, most of these day laborers fail to carry proper identification (and you don't have to be a genius to understand why). Between that fact, the ridiculous "Sanctuary Laws" that exist in far too many American cities, and the fradulent documents that many illegals are able to secure in this country, law enforcement is pretty much rendered useless. Frosty Woolridge provides the tale of the tape in this excellent, but disturbing piece on this very subject that I encourage you to read in its entirety.

You do understand, do you not, that a "day laborer" could in fact be a convicted felon, here in this country illegally, and carrying a dreadful, contagious disease? Trust me, the liberal do-gooders are doing neither you nor this country any good!