Wednesday, June 1


"The Cotillion" is a masterful stroke of blogging genius whose time has come -- a blogosphere-based, collaborative site featuring a coterie of conservative, female writers, whose keyboards are mightier than the sword and whose writing is eminently palatable.

My congratulations on this endeavor and best wishes to all participants in this scintillating coven of conservatives!

The site is listed now in my blogroll under the heading: "Postprandial Amagnac."

Now then and with earnest apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I simply couldn't resist fiddling with his "Music of the Night" lyrics from "Phantom of the Opera" in honor of the assembled ladies of "The Cotillion." Hope they like it! Trust they remember the music!

Rightness sharpens, heightens expectations
Writing wakes, and stirs imaginations
Skillfully their sentences abuse the Left's defenses
Helpless to resist the posts they write
For they comprise the conscience of the Right

Keenly, seemly, Craft unfurls its splendor
Read it, link it, rhapsody in gender,
Women are conceiving apt memes that aren't deceiving
Turn your eyes toward the stuff of deep insight
High time to trust the mindset of the Right

Oh, their prose
Stirs the minds of those who relish truth
And the truth is what we have come to need
In your site, we find facts that do decree
What the Left refuses often to concede

Brilliant, trenchant, Syntax shall caress you
Read it, link it, so Rightness may surround you
Open up your minds, let your misconceptions die
Know that "The Cotillion" cannot be denied
For it will frame the conscience of the Right!

Heed this find --
Start a journey through the blogosphere
Leaving all thoughts of Daily Kos behind
Hone your minds, let these women set you free
Only then can these ladies start to be ...

Guileless, gifted, posting admonitions
Touching, grasping, fervent their prescriptions
Let the screeds begin, let their prescience change our whims
Time to inculcate our thinking day and night
With pungent posts -- this "Sorority of the Right!"