Friday, June 3


The Federal government gives to every illegal alien who breeches our borders that which it gives federal employees, including Congressman and the president, but that which it refuses to provide to bona fide, legal American citizens -- comprehensive healthcare.

"Tucson Weekly" reports:

Every illegal realizes that if he makes it to an emergency room in Southern Arizona, or anywhere around the country for that matter, he can get treatment, free of charge.

It's federal law, and has been for 20 years. In its evolution, the policy has become a kind of federal health insurance program for illegals, and its rising costs are eating up resources that could otherwise go to poor and uninsured American citizens. It has created a financial nightmare for border hospitals and contributed to cutbacks in services at Tucson hospitals.

Is this an outrage? A scandal? Some think it's both.
The article continues:

The Medicare reform bill passed in 2003 allocated $1 billion to reimburse states for federally mandated ER care given to illegals--about $45 million a year of that to come to Arizona over four years. But even that, some hospital staffers say, is little more than a Band-Aid on a huge problem.

Ruth Kish, director of patient care services at Copper Queen, expects that under the repayment formula, her hospital will receive only 10 cents of every dollar they spend on illegals.
How many of you, Dear Readers, are aware of the Federal-mandated policy of "Compassionate Entry?":

But there's another category--Mexicans injured in Mexico who call American ambulances for help. By federal law, they have to respond, which makes Bisbee's Copper Queen the trauma center of choice for Sonora's northern frontier.

The calls come from Naco, Sonora, the town across the line just south of Bisbee, where, in spite of widespread poverty, cell phones are popular, and everybody knows the Americans are bound by law to treat them.

"When we get a call we go, and we don't ask where the person's from," says Earnest. Naco residents needing care go to the port of entry and declare an emergency to American officials. When they're waved through, they're transported to the Copper Queen's ER in Bisbee's ambulance, or they drive themselves in private cars.

The policy is called Compassionate Entry, and it applies to hospitals up and down the line. The Copper Queen averages about five such cases a month. Some abuse the privilege, says ER Manager Josie Mincher.

She's seen Compassionate Entries with bad sore throats and others who aren't sick at all. One pregnant girl landed in the ER recently complaining of morning sickness.

I'll bet very few of you, if any! As I've been reporting, the tentacles that reach into every nook and cranny of American life owing to our porous borders and 10 million to 20 million illegal aliens afoot in this country are legion. Americans, if they're even mildly disturbed over illegal immigration, are only cognizant of, at best, the tip of the iceburg.

Meanwhile, and unlike the illegals, many legitimate Americans have no healthcare coverage whatsoever:

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2003 that 15.6 percent of the U.S. population or about 45 million people were uninsured at some time during the year.
So (and it's 2005 and the trend is escalating) 45+ million Americans have no healthcare coverage, but 10 million - 20 million illegal aliens do and with Mexican nationals living in Mexico's border towns even able to get ambulances and paramedics from the U.S. side to cross the border, return them to U.S. trauma centers, and treat them!

It's an OUTRAGE, but until American voters truly become OUTRAGED life will just go on.

Truly we get the kind of government we permit.