Wednesday, June 8


Blogging may be light to non-existent from Thursday through Monday. Sorry!

I truly apologize for this, but I'm more than a little depressed at the moment. Howard Dean has called me stupid, told me I've never worked at anything in my life, and, as if those accusations were not enough, now berates me for being white and a Christian.

Ted Kennedy's been on my case as well. He says that bridge infrastructure in Chappaquiddick is sorely in need of repair and that essential money for that is being diverted to the War On Terror.

Then, out of the blue, Jimmy Carter holds a press conference and calls for the permanent closure of my blog, saying I've been too hard on the MS-13 street gang and El Presidente Vicente Fox and that my screeds on porous borders betray my lack of understanding of the need for cheap stoop labor in this country's peanut fields.

I'm so overwrought. I don't need this kind of grief...

I think I need a spokesman. Anybody know where Jesse Jackson is?