Tuesday, May 17


Ward Churchill, the incendiary, tenured professor (sans doctorate) at the University of Colorado is, according to his attorney, a legitimate, card-carrying member of the Keetoowah Cherokee band. Now I don't know if this means Churchill is an honest-to-goodness, indigenous Indian tribesman or simply that he has secured one of these cards for signing up for "Boy's Life" or found one in the bottom of his Cracker Jacks. Regardless, if you juxtapose his "Indianship" with the high acclaim his scholarship has received in Liberal quarters of academia, than you have to wonder if he'll soon thumb his nose at U of C and Colorado's governor and head to Boston! Seems Harvard University is looking to bring more diversity to its faculty. Ol' Ward would be a perfect choice don't you think? He's a writer (did he not ink "Plagiarism For Dummies"), a painter ("Indian Motiffs You've Seen Before"), and brings compelling insights to the "9/11" tragedy that others in American colleges and universities have over-looked, the principal theme of which is that it was all the fault of the people in the twin towers and the U.S. government. Indeed, Churchill even thinks (a good example of his "original thinking") that more "9/11"s are necessary.