Saturday, May 14


Jesse Jackson was unnerved that an incorrigible, 5-year old, black girl was handcuffed by police after they were called out by school officials to Fairmont Park Elementary School in St. Petersburg, Florida, because the girl was giving school personnel fits. Fact is and despite the young girl's videotaped tantrum and physical assault on adults, teachers and administrators were not allowed to lay hands on the student, as a matter of policy, and had little alternative but to contact police. Jackson, true to form in siezing on any perceived wrong that can gain him publicity as a civil rights spokesman, showed up at the school to denounce the police and to press a lawsuit.

So it should follow, I would think, that Jesse Jackson and other peripatetic civil rights activists will shortly be enroute to Mexico City to protest Mexican president Vicente Fox's clearly racist remarks in raging against the growing concern among Americans over porous borders, the unrelenting influx of illegal aliens from Mexico, and the deleterious impact of unregulated immigration on this country's social fabric and treasure.

In a recent radio broadcast, El Presidente Fox was quoted as saying:

There is no doubt that Mexicans, filled with dignity, willingness and ability to work are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States.
Now just imagine if any Republican politician, in support of open borders and amnesty for undocumented Mexican workers, had made anything akin to this kind of statement before an audience or to the press! You know it and I know it: all hell would break loose!

So how about evincing some good ol' red, white, and blue patriotic fervor, Mr. Jackson, and beat a path to Mexico City and redress this wrong. Give Senior Fox the kind of honest-to-goodness tongue-lashing that our own president has been loathe to give this leader of an altogether corrupt government bent on exporting its abject poor, its uneducated, its unhealthy, its illicit drugs, and its criminal element to the United States.

And be a good guy, Jesse. Take Al Sharpton with you.