Monday, May 16


They heard me apparently.

My goodness: the power of the blogosphere!

I wrote this never thinking that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were readers of "ACSOL"; but, darn if I wasn't wrong about that. The two of them were able to do over the phone what neither President Bush nor Bill Clinton was ever able to do in nearly 13 years: secure a "concession" from Mexico's sly-as-a-fox presidente, Vicente Fox!

Fox has apologized now (and belatedly) for his invidious remarks about Black Americans. Jesse, as I suspected he might, took umbrage; Al Sharpton, in turn, didn't want to be out-manuevered by Jackson as they vie for publicity and causes to embrace that will earn them camera time, so they managed to do a nice double-team. Strength in numbers, I suppose. To borrow a football term, they high-lowed him.

Jesse has brass, doesn't he? Wonder if he reversed phone charges?

Now then, I hope Jesse and Al have the good sense not to tell Vicente Fox we've been tearing up copies of his government's magnum opus: "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant." Leave that for Newsweek to disclose, Gentlemen. Take the high road in your high-level, sans portfolio, negotiations with Senior Fox and his staff. (Jimmy Carter -- alas, you have competition in diplomatic circles!).

We may not get tighter border security out of this, or deportation hearings underway, or the crackdown on MS-13 completed, or much-needed immigration reform, or cross-border drug trafficking curtailed; but, these two geniuses will assure that Fox will never again make intemperate remarks about black people.

Is that a major win or what? Let's have a round of Cuervo Especial shooters for the house! Americans will sleep better tonight.