Wednesday, May 18


Matt Drudge linked to this report at his Web site this morning that made me flinch: the University of Iowa is going to offer its students a course on the impact of pornography on mainstream culture. The question becomes isn't pornography already an integral part of mainstream culture in this country -- at least in the Blue States? Have you heard about this, as but one example of the depths we've sunk to? And at the other end of the spectrum, what do ubiquitous ED commercials running day and night on television do for America's youngsters? Fact is, we're already in a moral mire in this country and examples abound. I don't need to tell you. They're all around you.

It brings to mind the lines of William Butler Yeats:

We were the last romantics -- chose for theme
Traditional sanctity and loveliness;
Whatever's written in what poets name
The book of the people; whatever most can bless
The mind of man or elevate rhyme;
But all is changed, that high horse riderless,
Though mounted in that saddle Homer rode
Where the swan drifts upon a darkening flood.