Thursday, May 19


Bob Baker's illuminating column in the "" showcases how Vicente Fox and the notoriously corrupt Mexican government insist on having it their own way.

There is a country to the south of the United States that has become a fugitive paradise, willingly harboring and giving sanctuary to hundreds of murderers who have fled the United States after their crimes. In the past decade, any killers who make it across the border to Mexico are assured of not facing the criminal justice system in the United States.

In short, the thoroughly corrupt Mexican judicial system has decided the U.S. cannot prosecute even U.S. citizens if they make it to Mexico. Since Oct. 2, 2001, Mexico has repeatedly refused to return suspects for prosecution. As of last year, the Justice Department had more than 800 open extradition cases for fugitives in Mexico. Those fugitives include cop killers. Armando Garcia, a Mexican national in California illegally, allegedly shot to death Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy David March during a traffic stop in 2002. He is known to be in Mexico.

Not only does Mexico harbor killers, it insists on special treatment for its citizens who have been caught and prosecuted for murder in the United States. It has found a willing ally in the Bush administration, which refuses to press for extradition of murderers from Mexico. In March, the Bush administration ordered state courts to review the cases of 51 Mexican nationals who are on death row.

I cover Mexico's principal exports to the United States in this post. Kindly take the time to read it and all of Bob Baker's piece. Then think about whether you're ready to sign the petition. Know this: 404,911 Americans already have and we need another 600,000!


(HAT TIP: Bob Baker's column linked at "Free Republic".