Friday, May 27


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) reports in today's edition that the Texas Senate yesterday passed and sent on to Governor Rick Perry for signature a bill requiring written parental consent before a minor can obtain a legal abortion.

Under the bill, it would be a license violation for a doctor to perform an abortion on a girl younger than 18 without getting the signed consent form.

A judge could bypass the consent requirement by determining that involving a parent could put the minor at risk of physical or emotional abuse, or that she is sufficiently mature to make the decision.

Current law mandates that girls must notify their parents before getting an abortion, but doesn't require written consent.

This bill, of course, will not do much to stop the killing of the innocents -- the wanton slaughter of the pre-borns in this country. In any article you read, in any interview you hear, in which a Pro-Choice spokesperson is articulating the warped philosophy of abortion's efficacy in a woman's right to "the healthcare of her choice," the voice of the pre-born is silent and that sentient human being is left with no choice in the matter. The pre-born lives or dies at the whim of the mother and, now here in Texas when the mother is under 18 years old, at the whim of the mother's parent(s). Human life should not suffer from such caprice.

According to statistics gathered by the "Houston Chronicle," there were 3,499 abortions performed on minors in 2002 in Texas, of which 43 were late-term abortions. Those human beings never felt a mother's caress or lived to see the beauty of a Texas sunset or the majesty of a mighty Live Oak laying claim to a field of wildflowers. In all but the rarest of instances, these lives were taken as a matter of perceived convenience for the mother -- to rid herself of an unwanted burden. God's sublime creations were relegated to the medical waste heap.

In the context of the Pro-Choice, pro-abortion mentality rife in this country, the Texas legislature has done the right thing. But there should be no self-applause in the ranks of the proponents of this bill. For it's not even a half-step towards any form of justice for those hapless pre-borns in Texas whose young mothers and their parents will continue sadly, in most instances, to choose death over life for one of God's own. What this bill and others like it effect is the parents' complicity in the murder. You'll never see a newspaper write it up that way, however.