Wednesday, May 4


I didn't receive so much as a "Comment" or a "Trackback" when I wrote this post on April 26th expressing my viewpoint that people who illegally traffic in and use prescription drugs are at the very least morally complicitous in the harm they cause others, not just themselves. I tied those remarks to the story of Houston area toddler Aiden Naquin's murder by a purported MS-13 gang member the night of April 12th. Police now believe the shooting that led to Aiden's death was directly related to a street-level drug sale by Aiden's father, Ernest, to the wife of one of the involved MS-13 gang members. The drug sold was Xanax. Aiden would have been two years old in August. Now he's buried in a small blue coffin surrounded by teddy bears in a cemetary plot in Humble, Texas. His life was snuffed out that night by drug dealers and drug users.

Now comes this story published Monday of this week in the "," by reporters Rich Liebson, Bill Hughes and Diana Scholl, informing its readers that seven parochial high school students in White Plains, NY, had passed out last month from over-dosing on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and, along the way, two 16-year old Archbishop Stepinac High School students were arrested on April 21st for allegedly selling Xanax.

The reporters quote Dr. Jonathan Weistein, director of the Hudson Valley Poison Center at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center:

Among young people particularly, the movement is away from 'farm' products such as marijuana and toward 'pharm' — as in pharmaceutical — products. Back in my parents' day, it was marijuana and cocaine. Now, it's prescription drugs, sniffing glue and abusing cough and cold medicine.'
Regardless, whether it's farm-induced or pharm-induced, getting stoned -- getting a buzz on -- is part of that sick, self-absorbed religion in this country that gets people hurt and gets people killed and casts a blight across our land. And it starts with the users, because if there's no market the distribution drys up.

As I wrote on April 26th:

An innocent little boy was gunned down as he sat in his child's car seat because people distribute drugs, people sell drugs, people buy drugs, and people do drugs. They smoke it, they snort it, they inject it, they pop it. And in doing so, right down to the youngsters who are caught up in this damnable culture, they are all complicitous in the bad things that happen to good people because this nation cannot get a grip on itself.