Wednesday, May 11


Columnist Walter E. Williams, as is his custom, get's right to the point in this column entitled, "How not to be poor," published in ""

His prescriptions?

1) Graduate from high school

2) Get married before you have children and stay married

3) Work at any kind of a job

4) Don't engage in criminal behavior

I would add the following:

5) Learn to read and write English -- a public high school diploma does not necessarily mean you'll be literate in this day and age

6) Become a homeowner, rather than a renter, as soon as possible in your life -- build net worth

7) Don't do drugs, don't run with the pack -- be a responsible individual and keep your head clear so you can think and make good decisions

8) Protect your health

9) Have God in your life -- there is more than one kind of wealth

10) Read; read; read (learning is a lifelong process)

Do any other bloggers want to add their own thoughts?

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