Saturday, May 28


Here are some suggestions for you whether you're a regular reader of "ACSOL" or have just stumbled upon my blog, in which case I hope you view it as a serendipitous find and consider bookmarking it, or if you, too, are an intrepid blogger, placing it in your site's blogroll (in which case do let me know!).

Stay for a bit and take a look at the following in my eclectic "Quid Pro Quo" blogroll in the right sidebar of my blog:

"ACE" will mark his blog's 2 millionth unique visitor sometime this weekend and that's no small measure of success in the blogosphere. I'm light years away from hitting that threshold. Congratulations, ACE! Your voice is your own and your readers appreciate that one-of-a-kind perspective. Wear a hardhat when you enter this site -- an opinion you hold dear may just be the object of ACE's scorn!

Crescendo at "Combat Boots" has finally resurfaced after a bit of a blogging hiatus and offers this glimpse into the heart and soul of a young, intelligent woman who seems a bit overwhelmed at the moment with finding her own version of "Mr. Right" -- maybe hers is too tall an order in this egocentric world of brash, adolescent males. Anyway, I hope a fresh breeze of optimism curls around her this weekend and lifts her spirits.

Frank Laughter at "Common Sense Junction" does a superb job of covering the waterfront in terms of politics and current events, and always sprinkles in some historical retrospectives to remind his readers that our nation is the sum of its history and that history should be studied and its lessons learned. This is a blog that has developed a good head of steam and is indicative of the gems one can find if you periodically steer clear of the high-hit-count "big guns" and mine the so-called "tail of the blogosphere" for precious stones. And Frank's charm is that he is not a fence-sitter. He lets you know his positions -- clearly and unequivocally. Moreover, this man's talent is not limited to his blog. Take a look at his magnificent Web site: "Laughter Genealogy."

Justin Katz is a just-turned-30 carpenter who writes splendidly for both "Dust In The Light" and the well-regarded "Anchor Rising." The young man can write and he continues to improve at his craft. His self-reflection is akin to a man standing at a wood lathe, turning a gnarled chunk of oak into a sublime work of art. I'm not sure that Justin knows just how good he is. But that's part of his charm.

Don't venture over to "The Evangelical Outpost" until you've had more than your ration of high-octane coffee and you've donned your thinking cap. You'll find exquisite, nuanced writing and an intellectual depth not found in many corners of the blogosphere. Indeed, one ought to earn college credits for visiting this site. You can sharpen your mind, envigorate your spirituality, and learn much along the way. Just understand it's not a blog site that you can sleepwalk through and spend a minute or less in, as that would be a travesty.

Paul at "The Happy Capitalist" is a transplanted journalism major from Kansas living in the "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" LAND OF OZ -- the Left-of-left, bias-infused world of the Bay Area. His good-natured conservatism is forced to run against the vapid political currents that stream in under the Golden Gate bridge and flush traditional mores out to sea. His is a blog site of good cheer in a part of the country known for its breathtaking beauty and muddled thinking. How he stays so even keel is beyond me. Paul is the proverbial boulder in the coursing stream!

Greg at "The Hobbesian Conservative" is an indefatigable spirit whose irreverance and take-no-prisoners, right-of-center political mindset reminds me of Steve McQueen's line in "The Magnificent Seven": Mister, we deal in lead. Here's a good example of what I am talking about.

Corie Schweitzer is a fellow Houston-area blogger and English professor at a local community college. Her "Insane Troll Logic" is aptly named. This gal is plucky -- a real scrapper. "Liberals to the right of her; Liberals to the left of her; but onward charges Corie with guns ablazin'." The charm in her blog site is that you never know what topic she's going to remonstrate about. She keeps you guessing. What you do know for sure when you click on her site is that a facile mind and devilish sense of humor are sure to out flank something overlooked that once in Corrie's gunsight is perturbedly outrageous. Invariably, after reading one of her posts, I'm left saying to myself: "Good for Corie; but why didn't I think of that?" Here's a good example of Corie doing her thing. By the way, her blog has pierced the glass ceiling and is starting to make some of those "Top 10" lists many of us can only aspire to.

"Irish Law" is written by an accomplished young woman who has just finished law school at Ohio State University and is now preparing for the bar exam. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame. She's decidedly Pro-life (as am I) and writes with intelligence and precision, as one might expect of a lawyer-to-be. I particularly like her posts on the embryonic stem cell debate. I get the sense that this smart, smart woman is going to accomplish big things in her life. I just hope her lawyering doesn't cut too much into her blogging! GO IRISH !!!

To read Carl at "No Oil For Pacifists" you must be on your game: fit intellectually and ready to run a demanding gauntlet of frequent links and incisive observations. His blog site is not for the politically feint of heart or the lazy, undemanding reader. People who read blogs tend to bounce in and bounce out. This is not a poliblogger's rendition of "USA Today." If your attention span is less than a couple of minutes, go elsewhere. Carl writes for readers who like to connect the dots and don't suffer from a nervous finger glued to their mouse.

Eloise at "Spitbull" strips the bark off of issues with the frenzy of a chainsaw-armed logger and every bit as fast. Don't bother if you're tame of heart. Hers is high-proof writing. Example.

"The Anchoress!" She's in a class by herself. She's to the blogger's keyboard what Amadeus was to music composition, but with a sense of propriety left intact. Her writing can soar and it is always relevant. How many posts do you ever encounter in the blogosphere that you re-read just to capture the nuance of the writer's argument or to take pleasure in the turn of phrase? What I enjoy most is that her intellect shines, but she doesn't feel compelled to put a quietus on her emotions, as if the latter would compromise the former. She writes with passion, and shares both mind and soul with her loyal readers. To read her is to come to know her, and that in itself is one of the great treats in the blogosphere! This is one site where exploring the archives you'll find a treasure-trove. Be a spelunker and descend into those limestone caverns and be dazzled.

Ilona at "True Grit" has just changed her blog's template and, I suspect, is still doing some tweaking and fine-tuning. Hers truly is that other sort of blog. She's among the most introspective writers you'll encounter in the blogosphere. She's special: she shares openly with her readers her ongoing exploration of self -- a personal journey of intellectual and spiritual self-discovery. To read Ilona is to pause and take a look at one's self in the mirror. Can we be as brave as she and not become complacent with ourselves?

Greg Wallace at "What Attitude Problem?" is a moving target and therein lies his charm. He covers the gamut -- a wide range of topics and with anything but predictable opinions. He's what "Mr. October" Reggie Jackson used to be called in baseball circles: the straw that stirs the drink. That said, he's well-grounded with those well-marked Midwestern virtues in his DNA. I'm just getting to know Greg and welcome him to my site's blogroll. He can be fun and he can be a handful.

Rodger Morrow is a former speechwriter for President Gerald Ford and still makes the polished turn of phrase his life's work. His "This isn't writing, it's typing" blog is so-named either owing to considerable modesty, or, as I suspect, a wry sense of humor. His writing will dazzle you. The man is educated. A professor of mine from my college days, Harry V. Jaffa, is one of the pre-eminent Lincoln scholars in the country and he's such a student of Lincoln that many noted academicians regard Jaffa's writing as eloquently Lincolnesque. I'm not near enough of a Renaissance man to know the antecedents of Rodger's writing craft, but he clearly is bright, well-read, and gifted. Rodger lost his mother in recent months and a poignant post he wrote in tribute to her took my breath away and made me marvel at his talent and the quality of his heart. He doesn't post frequently -- his blog is quality over quantity.

I'm proud to be linked by these good folks and take considerable delight in their writing. I hope my thumbnail sketches of their blogs have done them justice, as each is a very special person and all, to their credit, march to the beat of their own drums.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend and do say a prayer for our servicemen and servicewomen, living and dead, who have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedoms and liberties, and the perpetuation of this noble experiment -- this democratic republic, these United States of America!