Monday, May 16


Seems hardly a week goes by that a story like this one pops up in the press about yet another goofy parent who takes issue with public school administrators' reasonable efforts at restoring discipline, decorum, and a respect for authority in our nation's schools.

I recall a recent segment of the "O'Reilly Factor" in which a parent joined her son on the program, taking umbrage that her teenager couldn't wear the ostentacious dress, jewelry, make-up, and outlandish hair style that she claimed were his right as a member of a witch's coven! Her argument: his constitutional rights were being violated. Did you see him? Ugh!

It used to be that parents had to concern themselves with "peer group pressure" -- the kids who might help lead their children astray.

But in today's anything-goes culture, sadly, it's more the adults your children may come in contact with that you have to worry about.

Adulthood isn't what it used to be.