Thursday, May 5


I regularly watch "The O'Reilly Factor", although I'm certainly not in lockstep with Bill's viewpoints and oftentimes find myself becoming irritated with him over his unabashed arrogance and incessant interrupting of the show's guests. But, I truly believe that Bill O'Reilly and Fox News in general come as close as any in the mainstream media (of which both are undeniably fixtures) in being "fair and balanced."

Regular readers of "ACSOL" can attest that I rarely quote Bill O'Reilly or link to his columns, but this post will be an exception, and justifiably so I believe. To his credit, O'Reilly has been in the forefront in beating the drum for tighter border security and for a long, long time now. And of late, and again to his credit, he has been picking up the pace, convinced as he is that another "9/11" is looming around the corner and either the perpetrators or their weapons of choice (or both) will likely gain entry to the United States via our woefully porous borders. I, too, believe that.

Indeed, Bill's been vocal about the need for concerned Americans to make their voices heard in Washington on this important issue via an online petition, which my wife and I have both signed and I have been linking to in numerous posts.

So I point to his "Talking Points Memo" of May 4th, as a way of leveraging his viewpoints to try to stir you to action, if you've not already signed the petition. Clearly, most Americans concur with Bill that something must be done about securing our borders and reforming our immigration policies in a post-"9/11" world. But few seem alarmed enough to do something about it. What motivated the "Minutemen" doesn't seem to stir most Americans. As Bill writes vis-a-vis the petition:

"Talking Points" believes most Americans remain apathetic about the borders. Almost 350,000 of you have signed a petition asking the government to secure the borders. That's a lot of folks, but not nearly enough. 500,000 Americans voted for a magazine's most beautiful people contest. It tells you something.

Please help the cause! It's in yours and your family's best interests.

POSTSCRIPT: Maybe this reprehensible crime by an illegal alien will motivate you!