Tuesday, May 17


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) catches up with "The Happy Capitalist," who informed his readers yesterday of this delightful piece of news -- namely, that a U.S. Supreme Court decision has cleared the way for wine drinkers (oops, I beg your pardon, "wine aficionados") to buy their wines (if they so desire and many will) direct from out-of-state wineries, rather than through retail wine and liquor outlets. I know when I lived in Kentucky, as an example, I could not have wine shipped to me direct from California wine producers in Napa, Sonoma, or Mendocino.

So, to the Supremes who were on the majority side of the decision, I say: Alla Salute!

UPDATE (05/18/05):

This 5-4 decision isn't what many thought, including this writer: read this from MSNBC. Well, here in Texas a state law clears the way for we sippers of the grape, but you had better check your individual states, Dear Readers.