Wednesday, May 25


Anne Linehan has published this post today at the "blog.HOUSTON" site on the notorious street gang MS-13 and she poses the following question:

Kevin and I had a concersation about this the other day. We cannot figure out why there hasn't been a well-publicized effort to get the public involved in rooting out MS-13. We know HPD (Houston Police Department) has a manpower shortage; and there's that old saying that the best defense is a good offense. The local citizenry should be encouraged to keep eyes and ears open, to help law enforcement. A fearful public is MS-13's best hope.
Well, permit me to respond to you, Anne.

First off, "a fearful public" is not MS-13's "best hope." Quite the contrary, it's best hope is the continued indifference of President Bush, the United States Congress (both sides of the aisle), state and local "public servants," and much of the mainstream media in turning a deaf ear to the hue and cry of the majority of American citizens for much tighter border security and long-overdue immigration reform. Our own local MSM institution, the "Houston Chronicle," is an unabashed advocate of open borders!

Second, the public -- that portion of it most exposed in their daily lives to gang violence and intimidation -- has sought help, but to little avail, and that's right here in Houston (one of thirty-three cities in the United States that MS-13 operates in with reckless impunity) and your colleage at "blog.Houston" has dutifully reported on it. These hapless, low-income citizens see the telltale signs in MS-13 graffiti, duly call the police, and then wait and wait and wait for authorities to step in and remedy the situation. Besides, the MS-13 is more than poor, local citizens can handle given the reign of terror this gang and others like it are notorious for in snuffing out the lives of witnesses willing to testify against it. MS-13 leaders even called for gang members to take on The Minutemen, as evidence of their fearlessness and total disregard for American law and American citizens. Their violence knows no bounds. MS-13 even has ties to the Mexican Mafia.

Third, MS-13 is principally composed of illegal aliens. It's route (as it is becoming the route of choice for many illegals) into this country is largely through Texas' Rio Grande Valley. The gang amasses members in strongholds across the border from the Texas border towns of Brownsville, McAllen, and Laredo, and crosses virtually at will into the U.S. , even engaging in the human smuggling of terrorists, Mexican nationals, and other criminal elements.

If the Bush Administration is unwilling to secure the borders and turn back the human invasion, then how can local citizenry hope to deal with violent gang activity being fueled by a ready supply of new soldiers, Anne? The violence regenerates! MS-13, accordingly, is virtually guaranteed resurgence regardless of how effective a national task force may appear. It's disheartening.

The best way to defeat MS-13? We must blog extensively for secure borders, immigration reform, and against this sort of nonsense -- i.e., amnesty for millions of illegals! That's the long and the short of it, and this blogger commits to doing just that. The old media -- the MSM -- is too tied to the entrenched interests that view illegal immigrants as necessary cheap labor to spur economic growth. The blogosphere will have to take the lead.

POSTSCRIPT: And do be mindful of this fact, Anne -- Houston is a "Sanctuary City" and that in itself is a severe detriment to police efforts at dealing with MS-13 and any and all illegal aliens engaged in criminal activity. How can we ask the general public to enter the fray in "rooting out MS-13" when City Fathers perpetuate this insane policy?