Monday, May 16


Recall this post of mine entitled: "Public Education: Outdated Paradigm?"

In it, I cited a "Houston Chronicle" report that one-third of Houston ISD's 5th graders had failed to pass a standardized mathematics' test. Ours is the 4th largest city in the country and 33% of our public school 5th graders cannot perform basic math -- not even earn the equivalent of a D- on a test of rudimentary math skills! That ought to have the business community meeting behind closed doors.

Well, now I find this post this morning at "What Attitude Problem?" and in it a link to an analysis of the Indianapolis, Indiana, Public School System. Do read it, please; but brace yourselves!

So, what does this all mean? Maybe it means that President Bush's much vaunted "No Child Left Behind" program is not counting the huge number of public school drop-outs and that when it does point to improved graduation rates we're not being told that the preponderance of high school graduates in the future will be gray-haired and their parents much too infirm to attend the ceremonies!

I know, I know: there's not a thing laughable about this sorry situation. What do you bet the teachers' unions tell us it's all owing to a lack of adequate funding? The ol' hue and cry that education is a function of money spent.

Seems Abraham Lincoln was better off reading by the light of the fireplace in a humble, backwoods' cabin, than had he been the beneficiary of the equivalent of a Houston or Indianapolis public school education.