Monday, May 16


This morning's print edition of the "Houston Chronicle" has a front page, below-the-fold column on Newsweek's apology (of a sort) for its incendiary, ill-founded story that U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo, Cuba had routinely desecrated the Qu'ran. All hell broke loose in Afghanistan, as you know, on the heels of this provocative piece. People died in the wake of the story. Exceptional journalism didn't enlighten minds; rather, yellow journalism ignited passions.

May I suggest to you that you take the time to read the following:

From Frank Laughter: here and here.

From "The Anchoress": here and here.

From Michelle Malkin: here, here, and here.

Finally, from "The Hobbesian Conservative": here

I cannot add anything to their fine work or to the work of those the four of them link to in their respective posts. The soldier who wrote to "The Anchoress" says it best. That's an email we all need to chew on, don't you think?

FOLLOW-UP: Yet another incisive post on Newsweek's half-hearted apology, this one from Rodger Morrow of "This isn't writing, it's typing".